Anti-Aging Yoga

Anti-Aging Yoga as it is presented to you took our head master more than 10 years of application & practice to collect & select what can best contribute to

  • Balancing your body & mind
  • Aligning your body, mind, emotions and energy
  • Energizing your blood circulation
  • Enhancing your flexibility
  • Strengthening your physical abilities
  • Protecting your spine
  • Boosting immunity & increasing drainage of your lymphatic system
  • Cleansing your vital internal Organs
  • Relaxing your nervous system
  • Increasing your overall energy
  • Making you happier experiencing high level of ecstasy & Can give your face, neck & skin a natural “face lift”

“Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it will become cancerous.”

– Noble prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg –