Anti-Aging Medicine

Anti-aging medicine is the branch of medicine which aims to reduce the chance of developing aging-related diseases, prolonging the quality of health & living by intervening through medical protocols, tools & drugs in the biological process of aging, and thereby contributing to the extension of a healthy life span.

Through special:

  • Advanced Medical Screening & Testing
  • DNA tests
  • Administration of Intravenous medical substances & Advanced Medication

You will benefit fast to achieve your goals in Anti- Aging & continued Youth. Through this kind of medicine you will reignite your youth symptoms from inside-out.

“We believe that such a significant increase in longevity is due to the protective effect against cancer produced by Calorie Restriction, incidences fall by 40 percent if we compare them with mice that produce more telomerase and have a normal diet – and, added to the presence of longer telomere, this makes the mice live longer and better.”

– Maria Blasco Marhuenda, Researcher in Molecular Biology –