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"I have been dealing with crazy dark circles issue for.. I don't even know how many years. I have used hundreds and thousands of products - wasted my time and money on expensive fancy products and no results. I literally gave up on under eye gels/creams as it was a total waste of money. After reading the wonderful reviews I thought to give this product a try and to be honest I had extremely low expectations. I am glad that this product proved me wrong on a whole new level. I have been using it for last 4 days and I could already see a huge difference in my dark circles. My under eye skin looks so much healthier and the under eye area looks much fresh and lighter. I am someone who relies very much on customer reviews while spending my money on a product. I would highly recommend this magic bottle." - Karan

Great eye gel! I like it so much! It is nice primer for makeup as well , makes my whole face feel soft and refreshed ! I don't just use it under my eyes I use it for my whole face and this really works. This eye gel help me reduce puffiness and dark circles. I recommended it. Learn More ...

I love this Eye Gel so much! It's smells very fresh like cucumber or something, easy to apply, I love the way it dispenses. But the most important I already see results. My always dark under eye circles are disappearing, skin around eyes looks more tighter. Also great Seller and Fast delivery! Thank you! Learn More ...

I got it for myself 2 months ago and I absolutely loved it. I ordered this time for my mother in law. It works very good especially for this price. I usually bought famous name creams before and it was useless. I also like the pump, so you don't have to put your fingers inside the bottle. I'm thinking to use it for my day-night cream after it finishes. Highly recommended. Learn More ...

I am a student, besides studying, I also work part-time. And because of the constant lack of sleep, dark circles under the eyes. For a long time I was looking for a good tool, I read a lot on the Internet. I found this gel, the first thing I liked was the pleasant and light smell of something between a cucumber and an apple. But the most important effect, he quickly removed dark circles under the eyes. I advise. Learn More ...

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