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Helps relieve drowsiness and restores alertness and energy, provides powerful support for the body’s metabolic processes, aids in the breakdown of sugar and fats.

I like the idea of NADH because it is a naturally...

I have been taking supplements and going to alternative medicine practitioners for over thirty years, and am selective about the supplements I take. I like the idea of NADH because it is a naturally occurring substance that decreases in the body with age. I began taking this product for fatigue and extreme pain caused by two autoimmune diseases. At the time I was barely able to work or perform simple household tasks. I initially purchased the 5 mg, took one, and didn’t notice a difference. The next day I took 2 (10mg) and thought I felt something. The third day I took 3 (15 mg) and noticed a marked decline in pain and a dramatic increase in energy. I finally settled on the 20 mg as the proper dosage and could not believe the difference in quality of life. I now recommend this product to anyone suffering from RA, Fibromyalgia, or any other chronic illness as it is beneficial to cellular repair. It also helps alleviate the extreme fatigue caused by the demands of a busy work/home schedule. For anyone starting out with NADH, it is best to purchase the 5 mg and increase in 5 mg increments daily to achieve the proper dosage. Learn More ...

If you have fatigue and are struggling with signs of aging, give this a try

My doctor recently told me that my fatigue, brain fog and muscle weakness are probably from stress and the fact that I'm avoiding caffeine,and that I should learn to meditate. I read that when NADH is given to old laboratory mice, they began to behave like much younger mice. The last 2 weeks I've been taking a sublingual 20 mg tablet once every 2 or 3 days and have noticed a big difference, like caffeine only better. I'm remembering things like where I put my car keys, and my muscle fatigue has improved 100%. Just waiting for someone to find a reason why this shouldn't be used, probably the pharmaceutical industry that stands to lose a lot of money when people find a cheap and readily available cure for their health problems. Learn More ...

Energy and Clarity No Jitters

Great for a boost of energy and especially when studying. I usually dissolve one about 30min prior to studying and working out. It does produce a feeling of clarity and reduces some of the brain fog. Best part is there are NO jitters like when you take a caffein pill or drink a ton of coffee.

Very important to slowly dissolve under your tongue, don't chew it. Takes about 10 minutes or so. A slight mint taste. Will buy again. Learn More ...

As a person with fibromyalgia this is a big breakthrough!

Wow! I thought I would never have energy enough to swim again! Wrong! I can swim laps for half an hour and still have energy for resistance exercises and go to work! On top of that I don't need blood pressure meds anymore! Learn More ...

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