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"How many of us have taken B3 (Niacin) supplement in the past but stopped because we didn't like that "Niacin Flush?" Well, not only does NAD+ not cause any flushing symptoms - even and higher doses - but this particular isolated form of Nicotinamide Riboside has been clinically proven to reverse the aging of cells. Yes, you read that right - no typos - this form of the supplement has been shown to significantly reverse cell aging. This means our cells function better, and we feel better.

Personally, on the first day of supplementation, I noticed that a nagging headache I woke up with disappeared upon talking two of these capsules - within an hour or so. Upon regular supplementation for a few weeks, I have noticed a decrease in my lumbar back pain, less muscle tiredness and soreness, increased stamina - I don't get physically tired as fast as prior to supplementing. my experience, is this supplement working? ABSOLUTELY. I would unreservedly encourage anyone to try this supplement for a month and let the results speak for themselves." - Lady Boss

Feeling no different, but performing miraculously

I've been taking a combination of pterostilbene and this nicotinamide riboside for inside of five months ... I think less even, perhaps ... and I have not FELT any different, but there have been some jaw dropping results. I don't know which supplement is responsible, but have I ever got a tale to tell. The less amazing result was a pretty drastic drop in the LDLs of my last blood lipid profile from around 100 to 66, and a modest increase in my HDLs from around 35 to 40. I've done nothing else that could reasonably result in such a change, and I have been taking a statin (atorvastatin) and megadoses (about 1500 mg)of buffered niacin for many years with some good results, but nothing like this. But the REALLY amazing thing is what happened after I laid down about 2700 lbs of topsoil, sand and manure on my backyard garden manually from waist high level. 57 bags weighing between 45 and 50 lbs I laid down, half expecting to either hurt my back (I've had back problems for many years) or else end up basically unable to get out of bed the next morning. Now, I'm 63 years old, and I haven't worked that hard, I think, in almost 30 years. I expected to suffer from all that work, and of course when I finished I was dead tired and even wobbly on my feet. I awoke feeling only slight stiffness, no soreness at all. The next day, when I expected to be more stiff and quite sore instead the stiffness was gone and still no soreness. Mind you, I don't work out much and I'm really not in great shape, so this to me seems well nigh impossible.

For reference, I've been taking 100mg of the pterostilbene and 375mg of the nicotinamide riboside daily for a while, having started out with only 200 to 300mg of the latter daily. I have just now increased my pterostilbene intake by double and increased my nicotinamide riboside to 500 mg. That's about all I can afford on my budget, but I consider it money well spent if it will do this for me. Learn More ...

So far, so good...

This is some interesting stuff. I'm not looking to extend my life with it, but I am interested in being as healthy as I can be until I die. Had a heart valve replaced in Oct 2017, so i thought I'd try this supplement as part of my rebuilding process. About 2 weeks in I notice that my elbows, knees and the bottoms of my feet were much softer and less brittle than previously. if that same effect is going on all over my body, I'm quite pleased with the results. The skin is a major organ, so I am grateful for the improvement given my age.

I'm only taking one a day at bedtime so far, but I am considering upping my dosage to 2x/day. I'm 65 and not rich so money is a consideration here. As far as I'm concerned, a good supplement value for the price. Learn More ...

Sustained daily energy. Love it!

Love this stuff. It has always been one of the more expensive supplements but gives me a lasting energy throughout the day. I take 2-3 capsules first thing upon waking with a glass of water. It is one of the few supplements that I actually have a noticeable result when taking. Learn More ...

But I have never felt so good and I will never stop

I am 68, healthy and active. Since starting NAD+ and pterostilbene daily almost 2 years ago, yoga and some cardio (I can do 100 pushups and run up four flights two steps at a time), am at ideal weight, my concentration and energy levels, depression and anxiety from PTSD, and high blood pressure are very much improved. Its difficult to separate out which has the most effect. But I have never felt so good and I will never stop. I look more like 58 than 68. Planning to live strong and healthy til I'm 100. Learn More ...

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