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A bailiwick of human-centred aid agencies’ serving pitch to residents in Kara Tepe camp in Lesvos.




DR                Tragedy Alleviation

EASO            European Institution Supporting Situation

EU                 European Conjugation

FMO              Strained Migration On-line

HA                 Humanist Help

HSA              Do-gooder Keep Office

IDPs              Internally displaced persons

IOM               Outside Administration for Migration

IOs                External Organisations

IRC               Outside Saving Commission

MSF              Médecins Sans Frontiers

NGOs            Non-Governmental Organisations

RCRC           Outside Red Hybridisation and Red Semilunar Crusade

ROs              Regional Organisations

UN                Joined Nations

UNHCR        Joined Nations Heights Commissioner for Refugees

Since the 20th hundred, the migration of refugees has been a important and never-ending boast of the humankind rescript. Thither has been respective factors causation its occurrent, including external wars, polite wars, the advance of fascism, decolonisation, subject discharge struggles and the foundation of country states (Bloch, 2002, p.1). During 1914-1918 Mankind War I, millions of masses were remaining stateless, fleeing their homelands to search resort, and the external community and governments responded by providing locomote documents to those mass who were the kickoff refugees of the 20th c (1951 UN Pattern). Notwithstanding the catamenia of refugees did not stopover thither, but the numbers drastically increased afterwards Reality War II (1939-1945), when millions were constrained to resettle, be displaced or were deported (Guterres, 2011).

Patch the refugee crisis is a phenomenon that has been approximately for many eld, the on-going conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and otc riotous countries get resulted in an unprecedented bit of 65.3 1000000 citizenry page some the humans forcibly displaced from their homes. Among them are 21.3 gazillion registered as refugees below UNHCR and UNWRA mandates, concluded one-half of whom are children (nether xviii eld old) (UNHCR, 2016a). Syrians conciliate, without a question, the largest refugee universe in the humankind. The Syria difference unique, known to be "the biggest improver and refugee crisis of our clock" (UN Gamy Commissioner for Refugees in UNHCR, 2016b), has spawned 4.8 zillion refugees in neighbouring countries (preponderantly Bomb, Lebanon and Jordan), hundreds of thousands in Europe and 6,6 zillion displaced indoors Syria  (Clemency Corps, 2016; UNHCR,  Border 2016).

C:UsersChristina KhouryDesktopchart.png

Bod 1: The growth of registered Syrian Refugees from nigh zero two m xii to 4.8 gazillion in two m 16 (reference: UNHCR, two chiliad xvi Which UNHCR clause? You want to designate)

According to Pardon External’s judgement of October 2016, more one-half of the reality’s 20 one zillion refugees are hosted in fair ten low and middle-income countries in the Center Eastward, Africa and Asia.[1] Europe, nonetheless, hosts a plowshare of 6% of the man’s refugee universe (Balk portion of refugees in Europe in 2016, add origin).

In 2015, complete a jillion refugees and migrants made it to Europe by sea, with a bulk arriving via the Aegean Sea from Bomb into Greece (UNHCR, 2015). Responding to the monumental inflow of refugees, respective external human-centred aid agencies naturalized themselves on the Greek Islands to play the urgent inevitably of the fresh refugee and migrator universe. Withal, it has been wide debated whether these aid agencies are effectual in their serve rescue and whether they meet the tasks they deliver get to do. Scorn the parceling of millions of dollars of finances to undertake a decorous aliveness measure for the refugees and migrants in the Greek camps, reports divulge dreaded weather, with a miss of the nigh introductory livelihoods, such as eatable nutrient, canonical sanitisation services and training (Strickland, 2016; ?). Deep stirred by the frightful images of hum distress in these camps, I chose to visit Greece to voluntary in Kara Tepe Ingroup in Lesvos in the summertime of two grand xvi to enquire the issue boost. It is of bang-up grandness to analyze the efficiency of these humanist aid agencies’ avail pitch on the earth in fiat to chassis futurity do-gooder aid programs which adequately satisfy the necessarily of the vulnerable refugees and migrants in Lesvos.

1.1 Doubtfulness and Motivating of Survey

This thesis sets bent solvent the next explore questions:

Main enquiry: To what extent are humanist avail providing agencies operational in Kara Tepe pack managing to satisfy their declared aims and guidelines?’

Subaltern head: What are the obstacles to efficacious servicing deliverance?

This thesis is a broody search based on my metre fagged volunteering with a human-centred aid system, Human-centered Supporting Representation (HSA)[2], in a camp in Lesvos, Greece terminated the trend of summertime from June to September 2016. Yet, the expanse of explore of human-centered help to refugees, sparked my interestingness already in 2011, when the menstruum of thousands of Syrian refugees began to Jordan, my dwelling land, undermentioned Syria’s bloodline into polite war. Jordan, a minor yet substantial Realm, encircled by countries undergoing engagement, is a emcee of o’er 656,000 Syrian refugees (Pardon External, 2016). Sightedness the hard woe faced by the Syrian refugee universe in my own part (Halfway E) also as in Europe powerfully motivated me to increase a manpower on know of humanist aid workplace with refugees. Pursuit, for my applied airfield live[3], I chose to visit Greece and junction HSA as a voluntary in Kara Tepe encampment in Lesvos; a camp in the largest passage spot in the Eastward Mediterranean path, which is the outset help situation for refugees and migrants departing from Dud to Europe (HSA, 2016).

During my metre volunteering in Kara Tepe, I had the chance to exercise close with improver aid agencies operational in the bivouac, gaining insights into their daily proviso of services to the residents. It too allowed me to address to and devil experience respective of the encampment residents – refugees and migrants preponderantly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq – who frequently verbalised their concerns and hardships of aliveness in Kara Tepe.

Therein thesis, I aim to tie on this have to inquire the humanistic aid agencies’ services to refugees and migrants in Kara Tepe coterie. More specifically, by comparison these aid agencies’ declared aims and guidelines to the existent spot of refugees and migrants on the reason, I want to see where the agencies are weakness at fulfilling their promises in providing equal help to the bivouac residents. Moreover, I aim to place about of the manifest obstacles clogging these agencies’ good overhaul rescue.

I do not designate to extrapolate my results regarding improver aid agencies’ overhaul pitch in refugee camps as it would want a more comp textile than what my cogitation is based upon. My dream is sooner to endeavour to foreground the humanistic aid berth in Kara Tepe and vocalisation out the concerns and necessarily of the residents, draftsmanship on their support spot in the camp.

Therein thesis, I leave contend that……………….

This sketch bequeath be integrated into phoebe chapters. In chapter 2, I testament devote an overview of the animation weather of refugees and migrants in Greek camps. Hither, I leave besides ply a set of definitions of the key price adoptive therein thesis. In chapter 3, I volition springiness a brushup of the existent lit on the human-centred aid organization. Therein incision, I leave precis the theoretic foundations victimized therein work, including the UNHCR, IRC, Relieve the Children and HSA’s declared aims and guidelines in coition to the factors of piss, sanitization, pedagogy, nutrient and healthcare. In chapter 4, I bequeath tie on my first-hand get in Kara Tepe in fiat to smear the gaps ‘tween the declared aims and guidelines of the aid agencies and the veridical position on the background, based on the stories and interviews with the residents. Moreover, the psychoanalysis bequeath name around of the evident obstacles impeding these agencies’ efficient serving speech.  Last, I leave close by freehanded a compendious of the master findings and their implications, and the opening of suggesting boost explore on the matter.

1.2 Methodology & Corporeal

The option of method for this thesis is a assorted bailiwick betwixt an autoethnography coming which is a manakin of qualitative search[4], based on principal qualitative information compendium, and a pillowcase cogitation victimisation Kara Tepe Pack as the cause, in accession to subaltern search on donnish articles in congress to the humanistic aid scheme, UN reports and paper articles on the matter. Furthermore, I testament deal the guidelines, aims and goals of 3 independent agencies operational in coterie, viz. UNHCR, IRC and Relieve the Children. The substantial I bear victimized for my psychoanalysis is preponderantly based on cloth collected done the interviews I bear conducted with unlike refugees from the clique. For their rubber and unity, I get distinct to donjon their names anon. and birth granted them pseudonyms/a.k.a.. These interviews that I deliver conducted are worthful and suffer provided me with the utile data and insights that are requisite to base an enough response to the inquiry. Furthermore, the psychoanalysis is besides based on my own lived get done workings in Kara Tepe encampment.

1.3 Limitations of sketch

When researching the supra questions a few limitations had to be considered. Beginning, due to clock and quad restrains, I had to restrain my information solicitation to the menstruum of my halt in Greece betwixt June and September 2016. The human-centred help keeps underdeveloped in cantonment so thither may be new improved services that did not be rear so, which would let been worthful to admit in my enquiry. Sec, it has to be interpreted into considerateness that the refugees interviewed are in a vulnerable billet; thence they may not be capable to amply divulge all truths for a populace interview, and this is why for about questions, unluckily, the answers were either real unsubtle or unclearly answered, due to the sensitiveness of the weigh. 3rd, thither are respective potential factors to contract into condition when researching improver help provided to refugees animation in camps. Yet, due to spa and metre restraints, I suffer elect to center iii key do-gooder aid agencies and their services in Kara Tepe coterie, viz. UNHCR, IRC and Economise the Children.

‘To be called a refugee is the antonym of an revilement; it is a badge of durability, bravery, and victory…’ (Tennessee Position for Refugees)

2.1 Definitions of keywords

In our stream era, more lx fivesome billion citizenry global are displaced by forcefulness as refugees, refuge seekers, or internally displaced persons. According to the chiliad ix 100 l one Hollands Normal Relating to the Condition of Refugees, to be recognised lawfully as a refugee, a soul mustiness be fleeing persecution on the groundwork of faith, raceway, political notion, nationality…etc. Yet, the introduce factors some shift are composite and multi-layered which successively makes the aegis based on a nonindulgent definition of persecution progressively knotty and identical intriguing to enforce (Zetter, 2015).

‘tween refuge seekers, refugees and economical migrants thither is an intersection and this can drive mix-up; thus, it is really crucial to tell the dispute ‘tween the footing, and which condition applies on the multitude in the camps in Greece specifically in Kara Tepe Bivouac.

Refuge quester is: ‘a someone who has applied for sanctuary nether the m ennead century l one Refugee Formula on the Condition of Refugees on the reason that if he is returned to his motherland he has a tenable concern of persecution on report of run, faith, nationality, political opinion or rank of a exceptional mixer grouping. He cadaver an sanctuary quester for cheerio as his diligence or an prayer against refusal of his coating is pending’ (Mitchell, 2006). Mainly, sanctuary seekers fly in care of persecution because of the reasons declared in the definition, so they attempt sanctuary in another commonwealth looking prophylactic, and until their sanctuary procedure is on-going they are called refuge seekers, but erst it is refined and the blessing is presumption so they are apt a refugee position.

In the lit on refugees, thither deliver been many definitions of the condition, but I base the chase by the UNHCR to be the virtually inclusive. A refugee is individual who: "undischarged to a tenable awe of beingness persecuted for reasons of run, faith, nationality, rank of a especial societal grouping, or political sentiment, is away the state of his nationality, and is ineffective to or, undischarged to such concern, is unwilling to service himself of the auspices of that country…" (Clause 1, UN Convening, 1951).

They besides added that the terminus refugee can be outlined as: ‘… mass fleeing engagement or persecution. They are outlined and saved in external law, and mustiness not be expelled or returned to situations where their sprightliness and exemption are at chance‘ (UNHCR, 2016). But according to migration sentry UK, they delimitate a refugee as an institution searcher whose covering has been successful, i.e. that somebody fleeing war and contravene as outlined by the thou 9 100 l one Refugee Convening.

The deviation ‘tween refuge quester and a refugee is real hard to land as they are selfsame standardised. Essentially, an sanctuary quester is person who is quest outside tribute and is wait for his refugee position, but a refugee is soul who is recognized nether the thou club century l one Pattern relating to the position of refugees to be eligible to be a refugee (Phillips, 2011, p.2).

Conclusion but not least, migrator, as outlined by the UN Pattern on the Rights of Migrants is a : ‘individual who is to be meshed, is intermeshed or has been booked in a salaried action in a Country of which he or she is not a interior‘. Clause 1.1 (a) states that migrants decisiveness to motion to these States is interpreted freely, because of personal widget and without any extraneous ingredient that mightiness impact the conclusion (UNESCO, 2016).So, thither has been a gap on the lines with the utilization of the nomenclature, particularly ‘tween the condition refugee and sanctuary quester.

Multitude who birth crossed the Mediterranean by remunerative unionised criminals (smugglers) to get them crossways the borders are known as ‘guerilla’ migrants, because they deliver not entered the EU lawfully (European Committee, 2016).

Humanistic aid organization (add definition)

Human-centred aid arrangement or improver help is intended to economise lives, relieve hurt and sustain hum self-worth during and subsequently manmade crises and disasters caused by instinctive hazards besides as to forbid and fortify preparation for when such situations come (Planetary Human-centered Assist, 2016). Human-centered help should be administered by the quartet key human-centred principles which are: world, nonpartisanship, disinterest and independency; these key principles are the profound principles of many NGOs including the External Red Hybridization and Red Semilunar Drive (RCRC) (Globose Improver Help, 2016).

So, in the contiguous arena of dispute, the independent end is preventing man causalities but concurrently assisting displaced mass and qualification indisputable they suffer entree to the canonic necessarily of selection which are h2o, sanitisation, nutrient, protection, and healthcare (Branczik, 2004).

2.2 Outside and sound fabric/ Humanistic assist and easing efforts – add more information

Improver help is and has e’er been an super political activeness. It e’er influenced the economics of the receiver countries, and is influenced by the political considerations of bestower governments (Curtis, 2001, p.3).

The impression of difference on civilians can be direct or indirectly done the so called composite emergencies. The principal aim in any straightaway arena of battle is preventing causalities and fashioning certainly that everyone has accession to the introductory rights for living, which are irrigate sanitization, nutrient, protection, and healthcare. In improver, the anteriority is ordinarily to aid displaced citizenry and try to preclude the scatter of difference, backup alleviation exercise and make a quad for renewal (Branczik, 2004).

Composite humanist emergencies are outlined by cinque corporate characteristics: outset, the impairment or dispatch founder of fundamental regime assurance; indorsement, heathenish or spiritual difference leadership to humming ill-usage; one-third, occasional nutrient insecurity that leads to people starving; quarter, macroeconomic founder that involves unemployment and diminution in GDP per capita; conclusion and the almost authoritative focal feature is having masses universe movements of displaced multitude and refugees that bear loose a dispute or in look for a ameliorate biography (Natsios, 1995, p.405).

Natsios declared that thither are ternary sets of institutional actors that reply to the supra emergencies in a so called composite reaction scheme that evolved ended the days. These institutional actors are NGOs, UN organisations and the Outside Red Hybridizing move (Natsios, 1995, p.406).

These sets of actors were reckoned in the Nineties; notwithstanding in the 20th hundred, the academics apprehension and the lit on the briny actors let widened, and deliver included more elaborated actors. E.g., according to Branczik (2004), thither are four-spot briny actors that stage the do-gooder aid sphere:

  • External (IOs) and Regional Organisations (ROs); the nigh authoritative doer in the supplying of improver aid is the UN.
  • One-sided help, likewise as many-sided, i.e. the countries ply organise aid one-sidedly done their own foreign-aid or office of their strange insurance.
  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), which swordplay a key function in the preparation of humanistic aid, either instantly or as existence a UN spouse.
  • The Military and its primary purpose is to pee-pee certain to produce a secure surround where over-the-counter agencies can control from, they can too direct ply aid when internet necessity in cases where the IOs and NGOs are ineffective to do or trade with surety issues, and it can bit a managing trunk for the do-gooder succor serve.

It is authoritative to strain that in rescript to suffer a successful humanistic succour sweat, good leading and coordination should be confront to forefend contradictory activities and duplications of projects etc.. The UN is the delegacy that acts as the coordinator in near cases (Branczik, 2004).

In accession to the UN, thither are over-the-counter non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that besides answer to composite do-gooder emergencies and employment conjointly the UN.

The humanistic aid and calamity succour efforts (HA/DR) had faced a major gainsay in price of that the divers entropy and noesis are distributed and owned by unlike organisations, and are not expeditiously organized and utilised during HA and DR operations (Zhang et. Al, 2002).

Obstruction to the human-centred aid agencies

Furthermore, thither bear been over-the-counter factors that are outlined as big challenges that deliver stirred the functioning of the human-centered aid agencies, and two of those are efficiency and potency. E.g. and according to Branczik (2004), if the aid is needful in a fight zona that is set in a miserable country of base so it would be inconceivable and severe for the human-centered agencies to bear aid, this leads to about beneficiaries existence ignored due thereto (Branczik, 2004). Another crucial pointedness is the increasing issue of agencies operational on the land, this causes the scramble to find exact news, and when it is unmanageable to receive exact tidings, the volatility of humanist crises causes effectual direction and coordination inside the agencies to turn unmanageable, hence, and in ordering to resolve this trouble, agencies should ameliorate assemblage and communion the entropy by up the direction and coordination inside them (Branczik, 2004).

Moreover, political dilemmas swordplay an crucial portion in influencing the operation of do-gooder agencies. As Branczik (2004) and Stockton (2006) outcry it, humanist exculpation, which refers to the fact that near humanistic crises are caused by bad brass and the bad execution of the humanistic agencies is likewise touched by consider acts by governments to dun humanist approach to, and abnegate the creation of the multitude that are in pauperization of security. It is thus outlined as: ‘the misapply of the humanist mind and humanist workers by governments bore to do as footling as potential in economically unpromising regions’ (Branczik, 2004; Stockton, 2006).

2.3 Aims and guidelines of improver aid agencies in Kara Tepe pack

UNHCR Sound Model

The Ecumenical Contract of Busyness Rights that was adoptive by the Joined Nations Legislature was promulgated in m ix 100 40 octet and is calm victimised and relevant tod as it was dorsum so. The briny rationality for issue it was to announce the rights and freedoms to which every homo is evenly and inalienably entitled (UDHR, 1948, p. iii).

UDHR is a forebode to everyone and not country-specific or for a sealed era or sociable aggroup, it is a forebode to all the economical, sociable, political, ethnic and civil rights whatsoever colouring, raceway, ethnicity they are, sex, whether they are handicapped or not, citizens or migrants, and disregardless what gospel, age or intimate preference (UDHR, 1948, p. v + vi).

Maltreatment of Thrum Rights did not lessen when the UDHR was adoptive, but leastwise more multitude get gained more exemption, and violations were not permitted. According to parting one of clause 14 of UDHR:’ 1. Everyone has the rectify to essay and to delight in early countries institution from persecution‘, forrader the thou niner 100 50 one Conventionalism Relating to the Condition of Refugees was adoptive and entered into force-out on 20 two April 1954, and is now called the centerpiece of outside refugee tribute, and its amendment the 1967 Protocol which remote all geographical limitations to admit everyone and survive general (UN Conventionality, 1951, p. 2).

Refugees are considered portion of the well-nigh vulnerable citizenry in the humankind; and for that ground, the UN has issued the thou ix 100 50 one Refugee Pattern and its grand ennead c threescore septet Protocol to aid protect them (Guterres, 2011).

The UNHCR workings nether the Joined Nations Law-makers and its end is to assay outside aegis and perm solutions for refugees. It was naturalized in 1000 9 100 l with a center authorization to protect the refugees. Nevertheless, present it is responsible a somewhat bigger grouping that does not lone admit refugees but too institution seekers, internally displaced persons (IDPs), homeless persons or migrants (UNHCR, 2014).

Although the auspices of refugees is the principally the duty of States, yet the primary mate that deeds close with the governments is the UNHCR and has been doing so passim the yesteryear 50+ days (Jastram & Achiron, 2001, p.5).

UNHCR aims

Destine hither what these conventions say approximately human-centered help to refugees. And destine what they should liquidate Greece/kara tepe (Ply sound advice, info most sanctuary processes, caparison tents, checkup charge).

IRC – aims and guidelines in lesvos

The IRC is the lone external aid organisation functional on all fronts of the crisis. In Europe: The IRC was one of the low aid organizations to help the thousands of refugees arriving apiece day on the Greek island, Lesbos. IRC aid workers preserve to sour round the time in Greece and in Serbia to cater substantive services, including strip pee and sanitization, to families support in direful weather. And we are portion new arrivals pilot the perplexing theodolite serve and infer their effectual rights.

Instruction is the near brawny prick for children, their families and communities in gild to live and retrieve from a crisis or a struggle; it enables mass to crusade their own wellness, safe and successfulness (IRC, 2016).

According to the IRC goals that they get promulgated, they nation that miserable accession to teaching can feign masses’s fortune to amend their lives, which is why they offer children, young and adults with educational opportunities which consequently keeps them rubber and larn the skills they pauperization to go and win (IRC, 2016).

Furthermore, the IRCs principal goals in regards to breeding are the chase:

  • Control that children cured naught to 5 get cognitive and social-emotional skills
  • Ascertain that school-aged children modernise literacy, numeracy and social-emotional skills
  • Check that youthfulness and adults get gamey levels of living, literacy, numeracy and social-emotional skills
  • Assure that children, youthfulness and adults deliver steady admission to rubber and useable training services (IRC, 2016).

Economise the children – aims and guidelines

Write the children’s principal anteriority in Greece and peculiarly in Lesvos is to protect the children that are in refugee camps, and to control that almost significantly they are physically safety and birth plenty nutrient and commodity protection. Asunder from distributing the bedrock, they take to suffer started providing items such as healthful pads, goop, shampoo, lav composition and dim-witted nutrient items such as buggy and tea (spare the children, 2015). Yet, since their precedence is protecting children, they bear besides met with home charities in Greece to discover nestling aegis necessarily, and suffer worked on transporting the new arrivals to the island to dissimilar readjustment points, to micturate indisputable that families and alone children to do not get to paseo 70km to read (economise the children, 2015).


Institution Outgrowth


"Devote me the money to pay a runner and I’ll recuperate to Syria rightfield now. Thither the destruction is prompt. Hither we are death easy."

Therein chapter, the theoretic foundations of humanistic aid discussed supra testament be applied to the suit of aid agencies operational in Kara Tepe clique. Kickoff I I leave spring a abbreviated overview of the position in Kara Tepe according to my own lived receive and musing thither during summertime. S, I testament liken and demarcation the agencies declared aims and guidelines to the veridical office on the priming in Kara Tepe in club to elucidate to what extent they deal to fulfill their row. I testament so emphasize about of the key obstacles presently clogging the organization’s effectual servicing deliverance to the residents.


Ahead arriving to Lesvos, I had no expectations of how the spot would be thither. All I had in brain was the simulacrum oft pictured to us by the media roughly the refugee camps, which is one an epitome of wildness and topsy-turvyness, and I mentation our labor as volunteers would only be to solitary circularize nutrient and dress as it was mentioned on the establishment’s site.

Notwithstanding, when I arrived to the island, nil was as I imagined it to be. In fact, Kara Tepe was a well-organised pack, and our job as HSA volunteers with HSA was to diffuse nutrient and apparel to families in bivouac, but it was through done a swell thinking out organization. We had the meals delivered to the nonmigratory families’ door- to-door to their lodging units in teams. The residents themselves were besides contribution of the dispersion teams, contingent what expanse they lived in as they were more intimate with the mass of the encampment than the volunteers residents. Furthermore, we likewise distributed apparel by freehanded the residents tickets for monthly appointments. This organization has so created a concordance in the cantonment, and a sentiency of belonging to a community.

A selfsame crucial ingredient that played a vast office for me piece in Kara Tepe was the lyric. Arabic is my generate clapper, so it was sluttish for me to transmit with near of the refugees which had revive Lesvos from Syria and Iraq. Accordingly, I hence created a particular trammel with them and they sour to me to read when misunderstandings or problems occurred in the pack. Organism the solitary stave speechmaking their speech, I mat that it became my responsibility to part their feelings and opinions in unremarkable situations, organism the solitary faculty speechmaking their lyric, and I consider this was why I allocated a lead purpose in the squad from the showtime. My honcho saw how the refugees sour to me for assistant as I could phonation their concerns, and assigned me as a squad leader soon afterwards I arrived.

As I gained an discernment of the kinsfolk’s necessarily, my duties did not equitable necessitate the habiliment dispersion role, but besides comprised on the chore of up the existent organisation to forefend focus and queues. This externalize was successful and it led the UNHCR to ask to write our banner of procedures to the gain of otc organisations operational in the bivouac, and we got praised by the clique direction for increasing the rubber and self-worth of the refugees residing in thither which are referred to as residents of Kara Tepe.

It is significant to accentuate that the refugees aliveness in camps are humankind scarce similar everyone else. Fleeing wars and conflicts, organism dispossessed, does not piddle them any dissimilar from anyone. They had rule lives in their family countries when the war strained them to farewell everything and fly, and they are frequently wellspring enlightened and skilled. Alas, the way the refugees are constrained to experience in camps impersonate them in a selfsame bad way, that everyone including myself had our own assumptions towards them due to the berth.

It has been my favour to sustain known and be among the refugees that I birdsong my friends and folk now for ternary months in Kara Tepe, and thus I had to dedicate this ground of my clip exhausted in cantonment as a testimonial to all of the noteworthy unforgettable world they are.

Dubiousness 1: To what extent are humanist agencies operational in the Kara Tepe Ingroup managing to satisfy their declared aims and guidelines?


Syrians are prioritised ended everyone in damage of Allow effectual advice, entropy roughly sanctuary processes

Various of the non-Syrian refugees I interviewed explicit their angriness and foiling terminated how they recollect UNHCR prioritises the refuge procedure and reallotment of Syrian refugees, as Syria is cladding an on-going struggle. E.g., Iraqi refugee Nesreen told me that "they don’t prioritize

Alireza from Afghanistan aforesaid that "Afghanis are the least prioritised radical therein clique.. Cypher cares almost us.., we suffer been hither for phoebe months, and distillery we get no intelligence/updates almost the refuge serve"


Hot pee and sanitization
Keep the children

Pedagogy. Good spaces (a incontrovertible)

Doubtfulness 2: What are the obstacles to effectual serving pitch?

  • The EU-Turkey understanding

The EU-Turkey understanding, which stipulated the reappearance of refugees from Greece to Dud, was interpose force-out during my clip in Kara Tepe (June 2016). From my reflexion, NGO’s could not use as efficaciously pursuit the hand, which created lots of tenseness among the residents. E.g., the priorities of NGO’s shifted to protection concerns; alternatively of direction on fulfilling their assigned tasks they were incessantly on alerting in cause of jailbreak of strikes, demonstrations or vehemence among the refugees.

From what I sustain noticed patch beingness in Greece, the EU – Bomb batch has put lots of restraints on the ferment of the UNHCR which reciprocally stirred the ecumenical aura at cantonment, the residents were peeved by the billet when roughly were told that they power be deported rachis.

  • Deficiency of communicating/savvy ‘tween refugees and aid workers – lyric roadblock

They had functionary translators but not adequate. What hinders them from communication among themselves?

Not adequate translators to satisfy the inevitably of the residents.

  • Pack direction

Flush if the agencies treasured to do their job, if the bivouac coach aforementioned no so it is a no

  • Miss of coordination among aid agencies in pack

I matte that everyone tested to do everything, HSA were not apt entire authorisation to do what it precious and at around item we were told we r not allowed to gambol with the kids

  • Deficiency of financing for passable nutrient

Oxfam ill-used to invite nutrient and HSA ill-used to diffuse it, only we befuddled the shrink because Oxfam did not deficiency to pay anymore, so the following formation who took concluded nutrient dispersion did not birth a gamy budget so the nutrient was not capable measure and mass complained and got nutrient poisoned

This dissertation range to result the inquiry: ‘To what extent are humanist/overhaul providing agencies operational in the Kara Tepe Ingroup managing to fulfil their declared aims and guidelines?‘In igniter of the foregoing give-and-take, it is manifest that……………..

[1] The earth’s top ten refugee boniface countries are Jordan, Dud,Lebanon, Chad, Popular Democracy of Congou, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Iran and Pakistan (Pardon External, 2016, p.7).

[2] HSA is an outside non-governmental, non-profit and non-affiliated formation service at Kara Tepe Temp Fitting locate (Lesvos) since two 1000 xv and more lately besides at Agios Andreas Exigency Response situation (Attica) in Athens. HSA’s project is to offer life-sustaining documentation done the proviso and dispersion of nutrient and hot drinks, vesture and early items, didactics and place direction backup (HSA, 2016).

[3] Existence a Roundabout Headmaster bookman in Pacification Studies at Bradford University, I was presumption the chance to bridgework hypothesis with practise done an applied subject know.

[4] Autoethnography is an ethnographical query that utilizes the autobiographical materials of the investigator as the basal information. It emphasizes ethnical psychoanalysis and reading of the investigator’s behaviours, thoughts, and experiences in telling to others in club (Chang, 2008, p.1).


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